Access Earth Observation Archives via the GEOSS Portal

The GEOSS portal provides a confederated point of access for data, imagery, and analytical software packages.

2 years ago

Understanding Ocean Wave Patterns from Satellite Imagery of Sun Glitter

Researchers have developed a method by which to translate satellite imagery of sun glitter on the water into data about…

2 years ago

ESA’s Swarm Satellites Reveal Detailed Variations in the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Three years of data collection the European Space Agency's (ESA) Swarm satellites has resulted in the highest resolution map of…

2 years ago

3.1-Trillion Pixel Landsat 8 Mosaic of the World

Descartes Labs has compiled some of the massive amount of data sent back from the satellites orbiting Earth into a…

2 years ago

Learn How to Access and Use Sentinel-3 Data

Learn how to download and use earth observation data from ESA's Sentinel-3 satellite.

2 years ago

First Data Released From ESA Satellite Sentinel 3-A

The European Space Agency and Eumetsat have just released the first data from their new satellite platform, Sentinel 3-A. This…

3 years ago

Using Remote Sensing to Map Rice Paddy Drop in the Mekong Delta

Satellites including Europe’s Sentinel-1A can now track the rise and fall of different agricultural products around the world. The satellite’s…

3 years ago

First Satellite Images from Sentinel-2 Delivered

Four days after its launch, the first images from Sentinel-2 have been delivered.  Covering an area from central Europe and the…

4 years ago

CryoSat Shows Record Loss of Polar Ice

Scientists concerned about climate change are closely monitoring the thickness of polar sea ice. For many years, ice cover has…

5 years ago

Evaluating Ecosystems from Space

The impact of humans upon the planet’s ecosystems has long been a concern for scientists, and now the European Space…

5 years ago