big data

Startups and the Future of Spatial Analysis

A growing number of startups are developing new approaches to advanced spatial analysis for everyday solutions across many fields and…

11 months ago

Detecting Flooded Roads From Satellite Imagery

Mapping flood damage by manually examine imagery is a time-intensive and expensive process. New, automated methods using satellite data that…

1 year ago

Data Driven: GIS Guiding the Future

Mapping has always been data driven, and the more data we gather, the more important practical visualization of that data…

2 years ago

Mapping Billions of Data Points in Milliseconds

With its GPU power, MapD can process and map billions of data points in milliseconds.

2 years ago

Open Source Big Spatial Data with GeoMesa

Bob DuCharme, a technical writer with CCRi, writes about how open source GeoMesa can help users with managing large spatio-temporal…

3 years ago

Big Data, GIS, and Bikes

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has set a precedent for public agencies across the country with the purchase of…

4 years ago

Creating a Global Heat Map from 41.5 Million Runs

Strava, a GPS running and biking application, recently released a detailed global heat map of popular routes across the globe.…

4 years ago

How Spatial Big Data Underpins Smart Cities

Underpinning any smart city program is trusted geospatial information; one single source of reliable, location-specific data.

4 years ago

Empowering GIS with Big Data

Analysis of Big Data in a geographic context has empowered organizations and businesses faced with huge amount of data and…

5 years ago

Can Spatial Big Data Build a Better Everyday Life?

Mike Sanderson, the Director of Strategy at 1Spatial, provides a perspective piece on the rise of big spatial data and…

6 years ago