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Articles about ArcGIS Online.  ArcGIS Online is Esri’s online GIS and web mapping solution where users can create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data.

Latest Release of ArcGIS Online Introduces New Features and Enhanced Capabilities

Bernard Szukalski, Esri tech evangelist and product strategist, introduces new features and enhancements to the latest release of ArcGIS Online.

3 months ago

ArcGIS Online and Android

Developers can work with ArcGIS Online in tandem with Android Studio in order to make their applications available to a…

9 months ago

A Story Map Journalism Experience

Eudel Cepero shares his experience developing a popular story map for Diario de Cuba using ArcGIS Online.

11 months ago

Story Map Gallery Fine Print

Olivia Harne discusses her personal experiences with how Esri's Story Map Gallery's fine print requirements can be a barrier to…

1 year ago

Adding “Early Voting Wait Time” Information to a Layer in

Tracy Garrison outlines an example of how a “County” might provide current early voting wait times to the public with…

1 year ago

The Argument for Greater Cloud-based GIS in the Classroom

This essay from Olivia Harne discusses how more cloud-based GIS activities in the classroom are needed.

1 year ago

New Updates to Esri’s Story Maps

Learn about the new updates to Esri's Story Maps.

2 years ago

Connecting Government with Residents With ArcGIS Hub

A new update to ArcGIS Open Data has brought in a new feature for those who wish to engage their…

2 years ago

ArcGIS Online Brings in New Group Functions

ArcGIS Online is bringing about some new innovations to groups this June, one of these changes is the new interface…

2 years ago

Moving Past Conceptualizing – Creating the Small “Smart Community”

Olivia Harne discusses how smaller communities can take advantage of mapping tools to make public data more accessible.

2 years ago