Survey on 3D Geospatial markets: Land management and urban planning


Call for participation in an online survey about 3D geospatial data / technologies:

The authors are Jacynthe Pouliot ( and Sylvie Daniel ( both professors in the Geomatics Department at Laval University in Quebec City.

Launched on December 1st 2010, this survey is intended to provide an inventory and a better description of 3D geospatial market related to land management and urban planning. It will contribute to identify the current usages of 3D geospatial data and technologies and will outline the 3D value added or the return on investment (ROI).  To the best of our knowledge, this is the first survey investigating such questions.

Please note that the survey ends on December 15th 2010.


Survey link (English):

Survey link (French):

A forum ( is available if you want to ask questions or share comments and experiences. It is also possible to communicate with us at:

Why should I participate to this survey?

  • To contribute to a better world-wide understanding of current and future trends in 3D geospatial market
  • To improve or enlarge your own understanding of existing or potential 3D geospatial markets
  • To help the 3D geospatial community to learn more about itself

Who is relevant?

  • People collecting 3D geospatial data
  • People creating, managing or sharing 3D geospatial data (e.g. 3D models or 3D databases)
  • People that consume/use 3D geospatial data or technologies for land management and urban planning
  • People that sell/develop software or technologies for 3D data acquisition or data modeling

The survey contains three groups of questions (13 questions):

  1. Identification of your organization, background, and perspective
  2. Identification of current usages and difficulties related to 3D geospatial data and technologies
  3. Identification of return on investment or 3D value added from 3D Data, Technology, and Services

This survey has been prepared by J.Pouliot ( and S. Daniel (, professors at the Geomatics Department at Laval University.

This research activities is part of the NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Discovery grant of J. Pouliot and the GeoEduc3D project ( funded by GEOIDE Network of Centres of Excellence.
Once compiled, the results will be communicated directly to all participants. The results will also be published through various scientific events. The anonymity/confidentiality of the respondents will be assured when publishing the results.

Authors acknowledge Benoit Fredericque from Bentley System for its valuable remarks and Vincent Thomas for the technical support.

This survey should take less than 15 minutes of your time.
Thank you for your participation!


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