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Maps and Cartography

Spatial Analysis

Detecting Flooded Roads From Satellite Imagery

Mapping flood damage by manually examine imagery is a time-intensive and expensive process. New, automated methods using satellite data that compare pre and post-flood conditions are being developed.

Visualizing Temporal Data with GIS

While mapping spatiotemporal data has remained a challenge, increasingly we are seeing tools that are available on common open source platforms (e.g., R statistical package and QGIS) or commercial platforms such as ArcGIS.

The Role of GIS in Predicting Road Conditions

Recent developments in GIS and analytical applications have demonstrated that predicting road conditions, and thus preventing traffic accidents and possibly even traffic in the first place, is possible.

GIS Software

QGIS 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 of QGIS, the popular free and open source GIS software, was released today.

Holographic GIS

As mobile and handheld devices increasingly use virtual reality and augmented reality applications, GIS has been incorporated to deploy spatial databases that apply holographic capabilities.

GIS Learning

GIS Data

GIS Industry

Using GIS to Study Gentrification

Given the phenomenon of gentrification happening in many cities across the United States in particular, recent municipal governments have begun using GIS to study the effects of gentrification.

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