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Maps and Cartography

GIS and Migrant Deaths in the United States

Spatial analysis and GIS is being used in the study of migrant deaths to not only better track routes taken but also use results from research to limit deaths and danger to migrants.

Mapping Epidemics

Forecasting the spread of viruses and mapping potential epidemics is gaining important attention in the medical community.

Mapping Australia’s Bushfires

Tools based on near-real time data from satellites, such as those used by Australia or developed by NASA, have great utility in monitoring existing fires while giving the public near real-time monitoring.

Spatial Analysis

Mapping the Universe

New satellite technology achieved in in the last decade are helping scientist to more accurately map the universe.

Using GIS to Assess Urban Tree Canopy

The University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Lab used spatial analysis to map out how the city of Philadelphia’s tree canopy changed between 2008 and 2018.

GIS Software

24 Days of QGIS Tips

Using the #24daysofqgis hashtag, North Road, a geospatial company based out of  Australia, will be tweeting out a QGIS tip or trick for 24 days starting on December 1.

Portable GIS Version 6.0 Now Available

Portable GIS is available as a Windows-based executable (.exe) or .zip file which can then be installed to a local drive or onto a removable drive such as a USB stick.

GIS Learning

GIS Data

Open Access Novel Coronavirus Data

A newly published article in Nature’s Sci Data decribes how epidemiologists collected and curated individual-level novel coronavirus data from a variety of national, local, and news sources.

GIS Industry

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