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Maps and Cartography

Spatial Analysis

Source: Roversi et. al, 2013

Cost Distance and GIS

GIS can be used for cost distance mapping by factoring a variety of variables, ranging from economic, social, cultural, environmental, or other barriers to analyze the ‘cost’ in travel or movement.

Density Mapping

Density mapping is simply a way to show where points or lines may be concentrated in a given area. Common GIS tools such as ArcGIS and QGIS have point density analyses that provide a quantitative value and visual display capability that shows concentration of points.

GIS Software

What is PostGIS?

PostGIS is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant software used as an extender for PostgreSQL, which is a form of object-relational database. While PostGIS is free and open source, it is used in both commercial (e.g., ArcGIS) and open source software (e.g., QGIS).

GIS Learning

Using GIS to Help Locate Missing Persons

Andy Berry, Vice President EMEA at Pitney Bowes Software, discusses the important role of geospatial data as applied by the New South Wales police in Australia, in Search and Rescue. 

GIS Data

UAVs, GIS, and Ecology

With the relatively cheap price and increasing effectiveness of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), often called drones, we are seeing much more accurate estimates and understanding of ecological change.

Monitoring Air Pollution with Sentinel-5P

Sentinel-5p will be one of the first satellites that provides high resolution pollution monitoring and will provide a large data capture that enables daily and even hourly monitoring.

GIS Industry

KickSprite Sprite prototype. Source: KickSprite

The Rise of Femtosatellites

With advances in nanotechnology, very small-scale satellites, known as femtosatellites, which weigh less than 100 grams (i.e., less than 0.22 lbs) have been developed over the last fifteen years.

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