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Maps and Cartography

The Equal Earth Map Projection

Researchers recently announced the development of the Equal Earth map projection, which has quickly gained influence due to its ability in maintaining accurate area without distortion.

Mapping Native Lands

Canadian developer Victor Temprano- founder of Mapster – has created “Native Land,” a map that helps individuals find the original inhabitants of the land they live on.

Spatial Analysis

Forecasting Cholera Using Remote Sensing

The NASA cholera forecasting tool effectively takes satellite observations on environmental conditions and combines the data with information on infrastructure and conditions in a country.

GIS Software

ArcGIS Online and Android

Developers can work with ArcGIS Online in tandem with Android Studio in order to make their applications available to a wider mobile audience.

Screenshot from Guardacostas Pro.

Guardacostas Pro: Tracking Illegal Vessels

Argentina’s coast guard, or the Prefectura Naval Argentina will utilize Esri’s platform to create a new, real-time tracking system, aptly titled “Guardacoastas Pro.”

GIS Learning

What Makes Maps Go Viral?

The study of viral geography could be a new, emerging field where researchers are now beginning to look at the elements that make a map viral.

GIS and Security Applications

The use of GIS in security software applications allows greater enhancements not just to monitoring but also planning and forecasting potential security threats, both from physical and cyber threats.

GIS Data

Awesome Public Datasets

If you’re looking for sources of public data tucked into web sites, then check out Awesome Public Datasets, Free GIS Datasets, and Open Data Inception’s map of open data portals.

GIS Industry

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