Spread the Word: GIS Day (November 16, 2011)

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Started in 1999 as a part of Geography Awareness Week, GIS Day is a global event aimed at promoting GIS-based software and technology to businesses, schools, and the general public. Organizations using or interested in GIS are encouraged to host an educational event or presenting a project with the intent of showcasing new GIS developments and the important role that GIS plays in everyday life to members of their local (and global) community.

Anyone is welcome to participate, and hosted events can take many forms. A searchable database of events can be found on the GIS Day Webpage, which can be a great source of ideas for your own project.  Some examples in my homestate of California include events in Berkeley, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Instructions on how to plan your event and other helpful materials, including advertisements are available here. At the bottom of this page, you will see some templates to encourage local and state officials to issue proclamations about GIS day.

For businesses GIS day can be a great opportunity for raising your community’s awareness of your organization’s contribution to GIS. In addition, it can be a useful way to attract new clients, customers, and employees. For students and educators, GIS day exposes youth to the real-world application of GIS technologies and can provide inspiration for future careers involving GIS.

GIS Day 2011
GIS Day 2011

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