Spatial History of Foursquare

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Dennis Crowley, the co-founder of Foursquare, has a brief walking history of the early days of the location-based social site.  A lot of bars and coffee shops helped provide an environment where the ideas and strategies that eventually became Foursquare were fostered.  The only non-eatery/ale house on the list?  A snapshot of the elevator buttons at ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program – New York University) where Crowley graduate from:

My thesis project, (sold to Google in 05) was born here [ITP]. A lot of the “life as a game” ideas in 4SQ came the “Big Games” class Frank Lantz’s taught.

Visit: A brief history of foursquare

The beginnings of Foursquare, mapped out.
The beginnings of Foursquare, mapped out.

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