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I am please to announce that most of the ad spaces on GIS Lounge were recently approved to be whitelisted for Adblock Plus users.  As a small-time publisher that relies exclusively on advertising revenue to run this site, I have always strived to maintain a balance between providing a seamless reading experience and running ads.  This is why you will never see interstitials or obtrusive ads on this site.

More from Adblock plus about this program:

Adblock Plus encourages blogs and small websites to join their Acceptable Ads initiative for free.

Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker browser extension, has been since 2011 promoting the Acceptable Ads initiative for blogs and small websites to be sustainable through non obtrusive ways of advertising. Since they began their open source project in 2006, their main goal has been to make the internet a smooth place for everyone by blocking all kind of online ads.

The fact is, Internet users don’t like online ads because most of them are very annoying: pop-ups, flashy, jumpy banners, roll-overs, loud videos, etc. Today there are more than 60 million active Adblock Plus users out there who have chosen to browse the web without precisely these types of bothersome ads. These millions have voted with their cursors to make ABP the most downloaded browser extension in the world.

But at the same time, there are millions of small- and medium-sized websites and blogs out there, which rely on advertising revenue to survive. Many of them care a lot about the layout and content of their sites, and they chose to advertise in a non-intrusive way. Adblock Plus usage has grown by 49 percent in 2013. The more this number grows, the less viable these websites become. So that’s exactly why Adblock Plus created the Acceptable Ads policy.

Acceptable Ads wants to be the middle ground between users’ interests and publisher’s interests. What ABP is after in the long term is for all websites to move to that middle, sustainable ground on which they can be viable through advertisements that do not alienate and/or bother their users.

ABP whitelist is growing day by day. Many small publishers already benefit from it. 98 percent of all 60 million Adblock Plus users see Acceptable Ads every day, thus increasing their traffic and revenue. If you have a small-medium sized website or blog and you want to apply to join the Acceptable Ads initiative for free, first read their guidelines and then apply for it!

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GIS Tutorial Raffle

June 24, 2012:  The GIS Tutorial Raffle is now closed.  Thanks for all the submissions.  The winner is Naveen Sidda who submitted a Google Fusion tutorial.

I am looking to build a solid library of GIS tutorials.  Of highest interest are tutorials covering how to topics in ArcGIS, QGIS, MapBox’s TileMill, and mapping using Google Maps and Google Fusion Tables.  To encourage submissions, I will be raffling off one $100 Amazon gift certificate by September 1, 2012.

The GIS tutorial submission requirements and raffle rules:

  1. Submit an original GIS tutorial (covering the above preferred areas) not currently available on GIS Lounge (if unsure, please send your proposed GIS tutorial topic to for approval) of at least 500 words (not including programming code if applicable). Each GIS tutorial should present clear step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish a specific geospatial task.  The steps must be written in a way that allows other users the ability to easily replicate the process.
  2. Screenshots must accompany each step described in the tutorial.  Screenshots must be submitted in either PNG or JPG format.  Please indicate within your tutorial where each screenshot occurs.
  3. IMPORTANT: Please note the version of GIS or web mapping software you are using.
  4. Email your step-by-step GIS tutorial either as a Word or PDF file or embed the verbiage within the body of the email.  Attached separately your accompanying images.  Email all material to  A confirmation email will be sent for all approved tutorials.
  5. IMPORTANT: Include the following in the body of your email:
    I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to and I am providing permission to to  reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, and modify, and otherwise use the material that I am submitting.  
  6. Each separate GIS tutorial submission accepted will be valid for one raffle entry.
  7. If, after three months, 20 valid GIS tutorials haven’t been received, a raffle will be held among the accepted tutorial submission received to date.
  8. A running tally of accepted GIS tutorials and the cutoff date will be listed below.  The cutoff date will start upon receipt of the first submitted GIS tutorial.
  9. The winner of the GIS raffle will be notified via email.  The $100 Amazon gift certificate will be sent via email as well.

All work must be your own and you must have the rights to provide permission to GIS Lounge to republish your work (see item 4 above).  All submitted work will be verified for originality using Copyscape.

New Host, New Logo, New Ad Spaces

February 15, 2012: Things have been a bit quiet externally on GIS Lounge but pretty busy behind the scenes.  GIS Lounge is now at a new web host and the kinks are still being ironed out.

Also, there is a brand new logo, created by the team at ENTCHEV.  I hope you like it!

Lastly, GIS Lounge is now offering direct advertisement options.  For a media kit, please send a request via email to

GIS Lounge Forum Closed

August 28, 2011: After a year of hosting a forum on GIS Lounge, I have made the decision to close it down.  While the forum has received a decent amount of initial posts, relatively few of the posts receive replies.  Couple that with a spam to legitimate post ratio of over 100:1, it is clearly not the thriving peer supported forum that I had hoped it would develop into.

There are many platforms to connect with other GIS users for peer support.  Visit the Networking in GIS: Peer-to-Peer Support in the GIS Community article for a list of those options.  Looking for a forum?  The Discussion and Mailing Lists page has a list of resources.

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