Satellite imagery


2001 Inventory of Satellite imagery

Listed here are some of the most prominent sources of currently available satellite imagery and future satellite launches based on an inventory performed in 2001. This guide is meant to be a launching point for searching for and acquiring information about available satellite imagery. Individual choice of imagery will depends on many factors such as resolution, image type and cost.

Satellite:IKONOS 2 Imagery:IKONOS
Launch Date:24, September, 1999 Country:USA
Agency:Space Imaging
Swath:11 km Orbit:Sun-synchronous
Intervals2-4 Days Resolution:1 m panchromatic
4 m multispectral
1 m fused*

*one-meter fused panchromatic and multispectral resolution.

Satellite:Orbview-4 Imagery:Orbview-4
Launch Date: Country:USA
Swath:5 – 8 kmOrbit:
Intervals~ 3 daysResolution:1 meter panchromatic
4 meter multispectral
8/20 meter hyperspectral


Satellite:Orbimage Imagery:Orbview-3
Launch Date:First Quarter 2001 (initially set for 1999)Country:USA
Swath:8 kmOrbit:
Intervals~3 daysResolution:1 & 2 m panchromatic
4 m multispectral


Launch Date:August 1997Country:
Swath:2,800 kmOrbit:
IntervalsResolution:1 km multispectral imagery
eight spectral bands, six in the visible and two in the near-infrared spectrum.


Satellite:Imagery:EROS-A Series
Launch Date:December 5, 2000 (initially set for late 1999)EROS A2 – 3rd quarter of year 2001Country:Israel
Agency:ImageSat International(formerly West Indian Space)
Swath:12.5 kmOrbit:Polar, sun-synchronous



Satellite:Imagery: EROS-B EROS B Series
Launch Date:EROS B1 – 2nd quarter of year 2002
EROS B2 – 4th quarter of year 2002
EROS B3 – 2nd quarter of year 2003
EROS B4 – 4th quarter of year 2003
EROS B5 – 2nd quarter of year 2004
EROS B6 – 4th quarter of year 2004
Agency:Israel Aircraft IndustriesCore Software Technologies
Swath:16 kmOrbit:
Intervals1 dayResolution:


Satellite:Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS)Imagery:PRISM
Launch Date:August 2002Country:Japan
Swath:35 kmOrbit:Sun-Synchronous
Intervals46 daysResolution:2.5 meters panchromatic


Satellite:Imagery:KVR-1000 (SPIN-2)
Launch Date:1987Country:Russia
Agency:Russian Space Agency (Sovinformsputnik)
Swath:2/10/40 kmOrbit:
IntervalsResolution:2-3 meters panchromatic


Satellite:IRS-1C & IRS-1DImagery:LISS
Launch Date:Country:
Agency:Indian Space Agency
Swath:70 kmOrbit:
Intervals5 daysResolution:5.8 meter panchromatic
Launch Date:October 1994 – Resurs-01-3July 1998 –Resurs-01-4Country:Russia
Swath:Orbit:Polar sun-synchronous


Satellite:Landsat 7 Imagery:Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus
Launch Date:April 15, 1999Country:USA
Agency:Originally NASA – USGS recently assumed responsibility.
Swath:185 kmOrbit:Near-polar, sun-synchronous
Intervals16 daysResolution:30 meters 8-band multispectral
15 meters 1-band panchromatic


Satellite:Landsat 5Imagery:Thematic Mapper (TM)
Launch Date:March 1, 1984 Country:
Swath:185 kmOrbit:Polar, sun-synchronous
Intervals16 daysResolution:30 meters (except band 6 (thermal) – 120 meters)
Launch Date:May 14, 1991Country:USA
Swath:2399 kmOrbit:Polar orbit, near circular
Intervals14 times/dayWhere is it right now?Resolution:1.1 km
Satellite:SPOTImagery:SPOT Image
Launch Date:Spot 1 – February 22, 1986
Spot 2 – January 22, 1990
Spot 3 – September 26, 1993
Spot 4 – March 24, 1998
Spot 5 – 2002
Agency:SpotCoverage:87° N to 87° S (lat.)
Swath:900 kmOrbit:polar, circular, sun-synchronous
Intervals26 daysResolution:
Launch Date:2003Country:Canada
Agency:Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and MacDonald Dettwiler
Swath:20, 100 and 500 kmOrbit:sun-synchronous circular orbit
Intervals3 daysResolution:2, 28 and 300 meters
high-resolution multi-polarized imagery


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