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Crowdsourcing data enthusiasts might be interested in reading the latest update about Rhus, an open source mobile GIS being developed for community ecology.    The application (available in native android and iOS apps) is aimed towards citizen science data collection:
We saw the main goals as being offline usability, geo-spatial queries, open source customization, and visualizing change over time. For community projects, it’s also important to have seamless integration between mobile apps and a community website to facilitate social data collection.
The software stack has moved out of the alpha stage and more documentation about the project can be found on the project wiki for Rhus.  The Wildflowers of Detroit is a showcase community ecology project that shows geotagged photos of wildflowers growing in urban areas.  Rhus is being  developed by Winteroot, a team comprising of Matthew Shultz,a computer scientist, and Gwendolyn McKay, a designer and herbalist.
Wildflowers of Detroit Rhus App for Android
Wildflowers of Detroit Rhus App for Android

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