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Report Ranks Participating GIS Public Sector Programs in Canada and the US

Consulting firm, PSD, has issued its second annual report in which it look at the Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI) of public sector GIS programs (municipalities, school boards, conservation authorities, and police departments).  This benchmark quantifies an organization’s geospatial readiness in three core areas: Readiness, Implementation, and Impact.  The survey assessed each organization through a series of 85 self-reported answers.


There were a total of 127 respondents to the survey with the vast majority of organizations from Canada (104).  An additional 23 organizations from the US also submitted information.  The report ranked the City of Calgary in Canada as the top public sector program.  The top public sector program in the U.S. from this report was King County in Washington (which came in 16th overall).

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