Registration Open for Free GIS Course: Skills for the Digital Earth

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Registration is now open for a free GIS course entitled, “Skills for the Digital Earth“.  This MOOC (massive open online course) is a four-week course offered from March 1 to March 28, 2015 which introduces how location technologies are used in society. The course is free, open, and requires no prior experience in GIS or geospatial technologies. Students must be 13 or older to take the course.

The course is offered by Elmhurst College in partnership with the National GeoTech Center of Excellence.  From the promotional flyer:

Elmhurst’s Skills for the Digital Earth MOOC (massive open online course) explores why “where?” is vitally important to a myriad of disciplines in our digital world. Participants in the MOOC will learn what location technologies are used for, as well as fundamental geospatial concepts, skills and applications.

Taught through video lectures, interaction opportunities and discussion forums, participants will complete exercises and run through real-world examples using online spatial software that works on any device with a Web browser.

The MOOC is designed for those with no prior experience with geographic information systems (GIS) software all the way to advanced users. Participants will earn badges after each module, and those who complete six of the course’s seven modules will receive a certificate of completion. An additional certificate will be awarded for completion of all seven modules.

The lead instructor is Ms. Judith Bock, Program Director, Lecturer GIS ProgramDepartment of Geography & Geosciences, Elmhurst College

For more detail about the course and to register for this GIS MOOC visit Skills for the Digital Earth: The Use of Location Technologies for All.




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  1. The age restriction is part of the terms of Desire2Learn, the MOOC platform. Do note that those over 13 but not of the age of majority (18 in most U.S. states) require parental permission.

    The restriction, which appears in the terms of many, if not all, MOOC platforms, seems to revolve around compliance with the Children’s Online Protection Act, COPPA.'s_Online_Privacy_Protection_Act

    This is yet another way these open course are not so “open.”

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