Real-time Satellite Tracking

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Ever been curious where the satellites are orbiting in relation to the earth? Now you can track satellites through a Google Mashup offered at

The site offers categorized satellites that you can click on the link to in order to see where that satellite currently is and to view the real-time tracking of that satellite. Track popular, well-known satellites like the Hubble Telescope, or browse the categories to track a type of satellite. Categories include geostationary, military and GPS satellites. When you track a satellite, the location is displayed on a Google mashup in the middle of the screen. Off to the upper right hand side of the browser, detailed information about the satellite is displayed including a description of the satellite’s purpose.

If you are logged in, you can also click on the “What’s up in the sky link” to see the satellites orbiting over your home’s location.

Real-time satellite tracking.
Real-time satellite tracking.

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