QGIS to Host 3rd User Conference

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QGIS is one of the primary open source platforms available for geospatial information system creations. Its intuitive interface paired with close collaboration with its userbase make it a perpetually evolving application in a way ArcGIS isn’t.

However, with the absence of the same marketing and educational clout, QGIS tends to have fewer professionals utilize it in their GIS skillset. Even with its smaller user base, it’s still poised as a premier open source app that’s worth a look.

Many of those who use ArcGIS are familiar with the popularized Esri User Conference, happening this July. Making this event is a great experience for GIS developers and analysts, but for those attending – consider planning a trip to one of QGIS’ conferences.  In fact, the third annual QGIS user conference is scheduled for August 2-11 at the University of Copenhagen. This UC will have 4-5 total days of workshops unique to this software, alongside three days for developers.

For those interested in this event, more information can be found here: QGIS 2017 Nødebo.



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