Public Health and GIS

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Leads on articles, research and tools for the application of GIS to public health issues. Find out why health organizations find GIS to be an invaluable tool.

ESRI Health GIS Conference
Annual conference looking at the use of GIS in public health. Conference page also provides access to ESRI’s Health User Group and HealthyGIS newsletter.

GIS for Heath Care
Overview article by ESRI on GIS in Public Health starting with the famous Dr. Snow example.

If the recent press coverage involving the tuberculosis patient who evaded officials as he made his way back to the United States has made you curious about the global state of infectious diseases, then the web site HealthMap is something you need to bookmark. This web site brings together a range of sources to provide a comprehensive view of the world’s health issues. This Google Mashup provides hyperlinked access to localized health incidents.

International Journal of Health GeographicsInternational Journal of Health Geographics, an Open Access, peer-reviewed journal indexed in PubMed and fully archived in PubMed Central and other archives around the globe.

Public Health GIS News and Information
Free online magazine by the National Center for health Statistics “dedicated to scientific excellence and advancement in disease control and prevention through the use of GIS technology.”

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