Profile of Michael Goodchild

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The Chronicle of Higher Education has a profile on University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) professor Michael Goodchild called “Inventing the Science of Geographic Information Puts a Professor on the Map“.

Mr. Goodchild cemented his place in geography in 1992, when he wrote a paper proposing the creation of geographic information science, the study of the technological tools that track the location of objects on the earth’s surface and the way they interact with other objects. In the paper, which earned him the title of “father of geographic information science,” Mr. Goodchild argued that there was more to geographic information systems than just than “a matter of pushing the right buttons.”

Michael Goodchild is well known for his involvement in neogeography, having proposed in 2007 the term “volunteered geography” in an article published in GeoJournal entitled Citizens as sensors: the world of volunteered geography.

Last year, Goodchild became the first professor to hold the Jack and Laura Dangermond Endowed Chair in Geography at UCSB.

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