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An oft-ignored but sometimes important function of web mapping is the ability to convert the view on the screen to a printed map.  CARTO has put some thought into bridging the web to print world of cartography which developer Alberto Romeu discusses in the blog post, Exporting Maps for Printing in the Digital Maps Era.  Romeu outlines how users can generate an image from a web map up to 8192×8192 pixels using the  carto-print Python library. CARTO has made the Python module open source: carto-print. Some examples of exported web maps are included on the page.

New York city building footprints.  Source: CARTO
New York city building footprints. Source: CARTO

Mango, an online web mapping service, also has an article discusses its progress in offering web map to print services:  How to Make an Awesome Print Tool for Your Web Map. The company’s third version of its web map print function, users can now customize the map extent and choose which features they want included on the map.

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