Preparing for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam

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Registration for Esri’s technical certification exams opened up this month.  Alex Mahrou over on his RockyMountainGeo blog outlines his strategy for preparing for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam.  What tips and strategies do you have for preparing for the technical exams?

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam”

  1. Since when did “GIS career” equate to knowing ArcGIS.

    Like sheep led to slaughter, so do people get led to a certificate that means very little. I personally feel that this whole program revolves around two things: Another opportunity to make money, and secondly, a blatant insecurity about one’es self.

    I am very good at GIS, and have no intention of acquiring this certificate.

  2. This is a great guide for studying for the Associate certification. I hope to be able to take it soon, as it is especially beneficial to my organization and my GIS career. I will be focusing my study on the newer items in ArcGIS 10, such as editing, and am using the free tutorials available on the ESRI site.

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