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August 29th marked the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which decimated much of New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  There are some post-Katrina repopulation maps out there.

The New York Times has a sliding timeline showing the areas of repopulation for the New Orleans area.  The map uses data from GCR & Associates which looked at utility, sanitation, mail and voter activity statistics to determine resettlement percentages.  Hit the play button to see the changes in population density from 2006 to 2010.  Visit: Mapping the Recovery of New Orleans

The Greater New Orleans Community Data Center shows residential addresses actively receiving mail by Census block for June of 2005 and June of 2010.  The site reports “162,115 households received mail in June 2010, in New Orleans, compared to 203,457 in June 2005.”  The overlay shows the residential density for June of 2010.  Zoom in and the upper number represents mail in 2010 and the lower number represents mailed received in 2005.  In the lower right hand corner you can click to register and download an Excel file of the counts by census blocks.  Visit: see the profile of the site from James Fee posted in 2008.

FEMA has Hurricane Katrina Flood Recovery Maps available that show “the extent and magnitude of Hurricane Katrina’s surge, as well as information on advisory flood data, were created for areas in southeastern Louisiana parishes that were most severely impacted by coastal flooding.”  Visit:  Hurricane Katrina Flood Recovery Maps

Mapping the Recovery of New Orleans

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