Portable GIS Version 6.0 Now Available

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The latest Portable GIS release (version 6) has been announced by Jo Cook.

What is Portable GIS?

As the name implies, Portable GIS is a Windows-based executable (.exe) or .zip file which can then be installed to a local drive or onto a removable drive such as a USB stick.  This allows the user to launch a selection of open source GIS packages such as QGIS, PostGIS, and GeoServer from a portable drive.

The full list of software and utilities that are packaged with Portable GIS v6 are:

  • QGIS (3.4.5)
  • PostgreSQL (10.7)
  • PostGIS (2.5)
  • MS4W (4.0.0, including Mapserver 7.4)
  • PgAdmin IV
  • Python (2.7 and 3.7)
  • Loader
  • Geoserver 2.14.4 (with java jdk 1.8)
  • GDAL Python Libraries (1.9)

The following utilities are also included:

  • Firefox (Portable app)
  • Notepad++ (Portable app)
  • Foxit PDF Reader (Portable app)

For full instructions and documentations visit the Portable GIS:


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