PolicyMap Now Offers Widgets

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PolicyMap is now offering widgets which will allow users to embed fully interactive maps into their web sites (read the press release here):

PolicyMap has the unique ability to display data at a variety of geographies like block groups, census tracts, zip codes, congressional districts, cities, counties, MSAs, school districts and, of course, addresses. As you know, PolicyMap maps are clickable – giving you both the visualization of a heat map as well as the underlying data and information for any place you click on the map. Now, you can experience these maps right on your own website.

The service isn’t free.  Premium subscribers to PolicyMap can have up to three widgets on their sites, standard subscribers will pay an additional $500 per year and non-subscribers are charged $1,000 per year.  PolicyMap does offer a free widget for county-level unemployment data (embedded below), which gets automatically updated monthly with new Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Your visitors can zoom in, pan around and click on any area of the map to see the underlying unemployment statistics for any county in the nation. They can also toggle between months and years to see values for previous periods of time going all the way back to 2000. The darker shades on the map are counties with higher rates or numbers of unemployed persons. As the BLS releases new unemployment data each month and we load that data into the PolicyMap platform, your widget will automatically update.

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