Pending Federal Court Case

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The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) has brought a motion in US District Court that could have severe consequences for the GIS and mapping communities.  For example, everyone but licensed engineers or licensed surveyors could be excluded from federal government contracts for “mapping” services, which includes mapping services of every sort and not just those traditionally performed by engineers and surveyors.

I ask you to read documents and consider the implications related to this case, and to discuss them with your colleagues and associates.

The AAG has a webpage with links to documents relevant to the case, which is available at:

Also, the UCGIS has issued a public statement about aspects raised by the petition, which is available at:

Thank you for your time.  Please share this message with others.


Scott A. Drzyzga
AAG GIS SG representative to the UCGIS



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