Paleontology and GIS

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Often, GIS is used to look at current trends and to predict future ones. GIS also has a use in understanding the conditions of the past, going as far back as prehistoric times. Listed here are resources that use geopatial technology in the field of paleontology.

From the web site: “MioMap integrates Geographic Information System (GIS) with a detailed Miocene database to provide comprehensive spatial and temporal analysis of Miocene mammal taxa for the Western United States.” The site provides interactive maps (using Google Maps) and downloadable data in Excel format.


Maintained by Christopher R. Cortese of the University of Texas at Arlington, this site contains a multitude of maps and 3D animations demonstrating the earth’s history and climatic changes. In addition, ESH-GIS 2.0, ArcView shapefiles of paleoreconstructions are available for purchase.

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  1. I am also going to use GIS in my palaeontological research and this website might be very usefull for my research work.

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