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Job Description: GIS Technician – Local Government

Briefly describe a typical day: A typical day includes assisting planners, engineers & other staff in their GIS needs like mapping, analysis etc. Using GIS to perform studies and briefs for planning commission actions in a city government setting.  GIS analysis is used for zoning inquiries, impact analysis, city limits mapping, […]

Job Description: GIS Intern – Groundwater Agency

Briefly describe a typical day: Generate standard well location maps for clients. Assist GIS Analyst in developing new GIS applications associated with groundwater issues (water quality, new wells, etc.) How do you use GIS to help your company? Assisted hydrogeologists in analysing groundwater quality. GIS software used: ArcView and extensions […]

Job Description: GIS Analyst/Programmer – Local Government

Briefly describe a typical day: Work on developing databases for use with GIS layers. Create GIS applications with GUI for data collection – field & office. Analyze data needs and requirements. Create customized reports. How do you use GIS to help your company? I design and implement user-friendly GIS applications […]

Where are the GIS Jobs? A Look at the GIS Job Market in the United States

According to private research, GIS industry reportedly grew in the double digits in 2010 and another 8% in 2011.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics’  2010-2011 Handbook labeled GIS skilled workers as having “favorable job prospects” and the US Department of Labor’s High Growth Industry Profile – Geospatial Technology report found that the geospatial market is “growing at an […]