Ordnance Survey Launches the GeoVation Housing Challenge


The Ordnance Survey has launched new GeoVation challenge that offers £101,000 to the ventures that make the best use of geography, technology, and good design in order to offer solutions that address the identified problems of long term housing issues in the United Kingdom.  Looking to provide a way for people in Britain to “live in better places”, the GeoVation challenge involves producing ideas and solutions in the four themes of: Affordability; Availability; Access and Infrastructure and Assets.

Working in partnership with Land Registry, participants in the challenge must use Ordnance Survey open or paid for data and Land Registry licensable data in their submissions.  Those wishing to participate must enter the GeoVation Challenge online before November 19, 2014.  Those with the best submissions will be invited to a GeoVation Camp from January 16-18, 2015 in order to develop submitted ideas into a prototype venture.  Winners of the GeoVation Challenge will be announced by February 18, 2015

The challenge is only open to UK residents aged 18 and older and UK-based organizations.

Visit: GeoVation Challenge for more details




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