Online Crime Mapping Bad for Housing Values?

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The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is warning that the recent launch of the national United Kingdom online crime mapping publication could result in a reduction in housing values for some neighborhoods in England and Wales.  A spokesman for RICS said, “Whilst RICS fully supports efforts by the government to reduce instances of crime, we question the value and purpose of publishing this information. We are concerned that it may produce a disproportionate adverse impact on local house prices – not too dissimilar to the effect of school and hospital league tables.”  Government officials counter that by making residents aware of the crime in their neighborhoods, they can become more proactive in taking steps to reduce crime.

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1 thought on “Online Crime Mapping Bad for Housing Values?”

  1. Perhaps neighborhoods which are disproportionately impacted are disproportionately highly valued to begin with. I understand that there is a backlash (and at times irrational because we are human after all), but the same could be said for any kind of market. If the backlash is a result of a bubble, then it is a market correction. Those affected will unfortunately have to live with both the inevitable onset of technology, as well as the criminals in their neighborhood.

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