Of Interest: JHelioviewer, Bing Maps Makeover

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The entire library of images from the SOHO solar and heliospheric observatory has been made available by ESA and NASA.  The freely downloadable JHelioviewer  allows users to access over 1 million images from SOHO and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.  Imagery can also be viewed at Helioviewer.org. JHelioviewer is written in Java and is opensource.

To download visit: http://jhelioviewer.org/

The press release: ESA makes the Sun available to everyone

A screenshot from the program JHelioviewer, developed by ESA. The solar image was taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. It shows a prominence on the solar surface. Credits: ESA JHelioviewer Team

Bing has a two-part announcement about updates to their map service.  The first is about updates to the map styles based on user feedback.  According to the blog post, the major changes are:

A. Increased city density while preserving a clean, visually appealing map
B. Clearer differentiation between major and minor city streets
C. Greater color contrast at the city-level so streets “pop” out more
D. Altered font sizes and contrast for crisper, less cluttered map labels
E. Improved highway shields for US and added new shields for 7 countries

The second part of the announcement involves four new features to Bing Maps and Local Features.

The theme for this release has been around three areas: i) Delivering new types of visual detail, ii) Simplifying local tasks, and iii) Improving maps on mobile. With that in mind, today we’re announcing four new features we’re really excited about:

· Interior Views: Provides users with immersive 360-degree panoramas of local businesses
· OpenTable Integration: Lets users interact with OpenTable directly from restaurant pages
· Real Time Transit on Mobile: Gives users real time info if a bus is on-time or delayed
· Streetside for Mobile: Brings users street-level imagery + some mobile-exclusive enhancements

(via James Fee)

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