Of Interest: Insider Maps and Wandering Men

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A La Carte Maps create tourist maps with a twist.  The company offers maps for select cities that contain notations offer tips and insider information about those cities.  The maps are particularly aimed towards “flashpackers”, a backpacker that loves to journey in style.

[Y]ou seek an authentic travel experience off the beaten track: Wherever you go, you never go there as a “tourist”. Whenever possible, you try to grasp the city’s spirit by breathing it. Living it. Embracing it like the locals do.

The maps sell for €8.90 each (which is slightly over $11) and are the brainchild of two swiss backpackers.  Purchase of a map also gives the buyer access to the online database for that city that is continuously updated.  The locations currently available are various cities in Europe, Washington D.C., New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo.  Planned releases are for Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, and Singapore. (Via NY Times)

A U.K. study found that the average male driver drives an extra 276 miles each year looking for his intended location.

If the research is to be believed, one quarter of men put off asking for directions from passers-by for at least half an hour, with one in 10 refusing to ask for help at all. According to insurers Sheilas’ Wheels, this “lost” driving time comes with a price, resulting in men wasting up to £2,000 worth of fuel over their lifetime.

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