Of Interest: Chinese GIS Use, Vote in the Mashathon, Mapping Connections

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China Economic Net has an article on the rise of Chinese-based GIS software by the public.  The focus of the article is on the increased use of Chinese developed GIS software, pointing to the 2005 as the “end to the long history of depending on foreign software in large GIS projects.”  The English language article is a bit choppy and I found myself rereading sentences multiple times to understand the intent.  That said, the article provides a interesting yet brief insight into the geospatial industry in China.  Read: Homemade GIS software getting popular.

Last month, the USGS launched a mashathon as part of the ongoing National Map Conference.  If you plan to enter, you have until noon (MDT) tomorrow (May 12th) to submit your entry (participation at the conference is not required.  You can also browse submitted entries at http://ngp.ideascale.com/ and vote on your favored ones.  The winners will be announced on Friday, May 13th at the conference.

The mapping of great circles is a way of showing connections on a map.  If you have two points on the surface of the earth, the connection through them forms what is known as a “great circle” or a Riemannian circle and represents the shortest distance from one point to the other (more information about great circles and maps is here).  Flowing Data has a tutorial on “How to map connections with great circles“.  The step by step directions use a free and open-source package called R and shows you how to set up the base map, load flight data, and symbolize the resulting map.

great circles map


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