Not your father’s approach to geodata creation and sharing

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What do the pundits say about crowd-sourcing GIS data and its future?  Peter Batty assembled a group of some of the loudest voices in that debate for a panel at GITA’s recent conference.  The video’s an hour and 45 minutes long but worth the watch if you’re interesting in the issue of collective and open data creation in the field of GIS.

If you’re looking for the Cliff Notes on the panel, Joe Francica of Directions Magazine has a good summary:

Lay the blame on Peter Batty of Ubisense who assembled a group of geospatial technorati to debate the current state of data sharing, data quality and the fate of standards in the new world of volunteered geographic information (VGI). Steve Coast, of OpenStreetMap (OSM), Andrew Turner of FortiusOne, Ron Lake of Galdos Systems, and James Fee of WeoGeo comprised the roundtable that discussed three primary aspects of the neogeo movement: Crowd sourcing; data quality and standardization

Watch the video: Video of GITA panel on geodata creation and sharing – Peter Batty

Read the summary: Neo vs. Paleo Geographers – Either way you look at it, it’s not your “father’s GIS” – Directions Magazine

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