NOAA Releases Online Mapping Application for Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill

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NOAA issued a press release today introducing their new online mapping application to provide realtime information about the Deepwater Horizon BP Oil spill.

The site integrates the latest data on the oil spill’s trajectory, fishery closed areas, wildlife data and place-based Gulf Coast resources, such as pinpointed locations of oiled shoreline and daily position of research ships. The interactive map also includes data from Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, the Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA, NASA, US Geological Survey and the Gulf states.

The mapping application not only offers online viewing of critical data but contains links within the legends to printable PDFs and JPEGs of radar images of the oil spill footprint, nearshore estimated spill trajectory, fishery closures. The mapping application contains a significant amount geographic data covering climatology, impact on habitats and wildlife, environmental impact, and baseline data.

Visit the Gulf Response Mapping Site from NOAA

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