New Updates to Esri’s Story Maps

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Esri’s Story Maps tool has received several modifications with the Summer 2017 update for ArcGIS Online, all of which have been detailed in a recent announcement on the ArcGIS Blog.

Dark Color Palette

One of the previously available templates, the Cascade theme, has now been equipped with the option for users to select a dark color palette. This addition is meant to assist maps that focus on data such as city lights, as exemplified by the ArcGIS Blog’s example. Seen below:

The Cascade theme has also received a some new fonts, two sans serif and two serif. However, those interested in utilizing their own fonts and adding their own colors to Cascade by hosting their own instance of the template, instructions for which can be found here.

New Color Picker for Text

For those staying with the initial template, there’s a new color picker for text, giving a variety of hexagonal color codes to choose from. AGOL has also taken the extra step to highlight which colors they feel suit the lighter and darker versions of Cascade, displaying a white or black check mark to coincide with what’s selected.

New Formatting Options

There are several new formatting options that make this theme more customizable, one of those being the removal of cropped images when using taller .png or .jpg files, by setting a classification like medium or large for the intended picture. Various iframe-embedded media also receive extra fine tuning by the new media picker, which will format content to suit height attributes.

Embed Audio Files into Story Maps

Lastly, a major new incorporation is the ability to link directly to audio files, allowing users to embed them into a story. The currently supported formats are MP3, M4A and WAV – all of which can be inserted as in-line content within a narrative section, or as a narrative panel within an immersive section.

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