New Release of GRASS GIS


GRASS GIS 6.4.2 has been released by the GRASS development team.  GRASS GIS is an open source GIS software package.  Over 770 updates are included in this new stable release.

What’s new with the release of GRASS GIS 6.4.2?

The new wxPython graphical user interface (wxGUI) has been updated with many new features and tools. Python is now a fully supported scripting language, including an updated Python toolkit to simplify the authoring of personal scripts, support for NumPy based array calculations, and a Python application interface (API) for the GRASS C libraries. Additionally, Microsoft Windows support continues to mature. GRASS 6.4.2 debuts ten new modules, a new GUI cartographic composer tool, a new GUI object-oriented modeling environment, an interactive Python shell, and improved infrastructure for installing and managing community supplied add-on modules.

GRASS GIS is a freely downloadable GIS software package.  Unsure about diving into open source GIS software?  The GRASS GIS documentation page has plenty of tutorials and online courses to familiarize yourself with the program. Sid Feygin also provides some pointers to learning open source GIS in his article “How to Go from GIS Novice to Pro without Spending a Dime.




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