New Portal for Free SPOT Vegetation Satellite Data

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There is a new distribution portal for accessing SPOT vegetation data.  The Belgium site, VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research), is hosting the portal which offers free access to all vegetation data (P-, global S1 and S10 data) older than three months.  The site works best when visited using a Chrome or Firefox browser.

The web site will serve as the distribution site for all earth observation data and processed products which includes the decadal syntheses of MetOp-AVHRR , Envisat-Meris, and Proba-V products.  Also available are near real-time SPOT vegetation products and derived products from Spaceborne earth observation data such as burnt areas, leaf area index, vegetation cover, and surface albedo.

The portal was developed as part of the PADUA (Product Archiving, Distribution and User oriented Access) program.  The SPOT vegetation mission is ending after fifteen years and will be replaced by the Proba-V satellite.  All data from the SPOT vegetation will be housed on the VITO web site.  Registration is required in order to access data products.  Pre-exisiting users of SPOT vegetation data will also need to re-register on the new site.

For help with cropping and extracting geographic regions from the VEGETATION file format, there is a free tool called VGTExtract.   The tool also converts data from the VEGETATION format to a variety of file types that can be used in GIS and remote sensing software programs: ASCIIGrid, HDF4, ENVI, ER-Mapper, GeoTiff, IDRISI, ILWIS, Raw binary, and Tiff.

Visit: VITO – Spot Vegetation Data Portal


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