Open Data Program Launched by DigitalGlobe

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DigitalGlobe recently announced the launch of its Open Data Program. 

Focused on providing satellite imagery for large-scaled natural disasters, the program will provide open and accurate high-resolution satellite imagery and crowdsourced GIS layers under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

As new natural disasters occure, DigitalGlobe plans to offer pre and post-event satellite imagery as well as vector GIS data resulting from its Tomnod crowdsourcing project.

Currently, the only open offering in the Open Data Program is raster and vector data from the October 2016 Hurricane Matthews natural disaster which caused over 1,600 people to lose their lives and an estimated $10.5 billion dollars in damage across the Caribbean and the eastern United States.


There is a signup option at the bottom of the Open Data Program page to be notified of future data additions to the program.

Visit: Open Data Program

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