New Online GIS Course : UC San Diego

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University of California San Diego Extension will be offering an online course starting in July that will extend your knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) focusing on spatial analysis techniques.  This course can be taken by itself or as one of four courses in the
GIS Certificate Program.

Visit:  GIS IV: 3-D Display and Analysis of Spatial Data

Course Description:

Extend your knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS) focusing on 3D data display and analysis. You will learn to analyze three dimensional spatial data including Digital Elevation Model creation, line-of-sight problems, slope and aspect calculations, and 3D scene fly-throughs. Applications for Defense, Urban Planning, Health, and Environmental Studies will be included. This course will use the GIS software ArcGIS by ESRI. Prerequisite: Completion of GIS3 or a comparable GIS background.

For more information on the UCSD Extension GIS Certificate program:


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