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A press release from DigitalQuest has announced the launching of SPACE, a new geospatial certification.  The acronym stands for Spatial Projects and Community Exchange and the objective is to “recognize user-level skills in geospatial technology and is based on assessing an individual’s basic geospatial foundation.

The SPACE certification program joins a growing list of certification programs, of which the GISP offered by the GIS Certification Institute is the largest.  Esri also recently joined by offering technical certification based on aptitude in its various GIS software applications.

SPACE certification is offered in seven different job categories: Homeland Security, Law and Public Safety, Marketing (Economic Development), STEM, Green & Sustainability, Transportation and Logistics, and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.  Currently, the certification program is backed by  Enterprise for Geospatial Solutions (EIGS), Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MsET), and the Magnolia Business Alliance (MBA).

The new geospatial certification joins the STARS certification which is also administered by DigitalQuest.  STARS certification is a Geo Apprenticeship Program through the U.S. Department of Labor and is based on the Geospatial Technology Competency Model.  The details on the assessment process for the new SPACE geospatial certification are a bit vague but DigitalQuest notes that “[t]he certification will be measured by completion of a standardized set of curriculum by Digital Quest and an exam-based assessment.

For more information visit DigitalQuest’s Geospatial Certification page.

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