New GEOINT Certification Program Launched

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The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation recently launched a Universal GEOINT certification program.  GEOINT, a merge of geospatial intelligence, is an interdisciplinary approach that uses technology, mathematics, critical information, and analytical rigor to support decision making in humanitarian response, strategic defense, security or investigative analysis.

The exam-based certification program is open to all  U.S. and international GEOINT practitioners across industry, military, academia, and federal, state, and local government.  There are three exams (and corresponding certifications): GIS and Analysis Tools (CGP-G); Remote Sensing and Imagery Analysis (CGP-R); and Geospatial Data Management (CGP-D).

More detail about the certification process including sample questions is available in the Universal GEOINT Certification Candidate Handbook [PDF].  The program certification page also contains some detail and a link for scheduling exams.

The new certification is specifically focused on users in the geospatial intelligence field.  More information about other GIS certification options are below:


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