New Edition Released: Python Geospatial Development

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If you’re a Python developer looking to build and strengthen your geospatial development knowledge, check out the recently released second edition of Python Geospatial Development.  Written by Erik Westra, a New Zealand-based software developer, the book is geared towards “experienced Python developers who want to get up to speed with open source geospatial tools and techniques in order to build their own geospatial applications, or to integrate geospatial technology into their existing Python programs.”

The goal of the book is the provide Python developers with the knowledge needed in order to create mapping applications from start to finish using open source geospatial Python tools.

The ebook is broken down into sections which include introductory chapters about using Python for geospatial development and some basic GIS concept overviews (no prior geospatial knowledge is required for this book).  The book’s over section also covers geospatial Python libraries and sources of freely available GIS data such as Natural Earth, OpenStreetMap and TIGER.  Once the groundwork has been provided on geospatial tools and data in the first four chapters, the books remaining six chapters provide hands-on tutorials for working with GIS data in Python and developing mapping and spatial applications using open source GIS toolkits such as Mapnik and geospatial web frameworks such as GeoDjango.  A list of the tools and libraries covered in this book:

  • Shapely
  • Proj
  • pyproj
  • MySQL
  • MySQLdb SpatiaLite pysqlite
  • PostgreSQL PostGIS
  • pyscopg2
  • Mapnik
  • Django

Python Geospatial Development teaches Python developers how to find publicly accessible GIS data in order to edit and visualize that data.  Readers will also learn how to use GeoDjango, Mapnik, and PostGIS to build a web-based geospatial map editing application.  As the author notes, “[b]y the end of the book, you will be able to integrate spatial features into your applications and build a complete mapping application from scratch.

The book can be purchased directly from the Packt Publishing site or from online retailers such as Amazon.


Python Geospatial Development, Second Edition (May 2013, ISBN: 9781782161523, 508 pages, US$24.65) by Erik Westra, published by Packt Publishing.

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