New Edition of Making Maps

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John Krygier recently announced that the third edition of “Making Maps, Third Edition: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS” has been released.  The new edition contains over 40 pages of new content, over 35 new maps, and updated and expanded discussions on a variety of topics including when mapping is inappropriate, time and mapping, and geodata locational services and privacy.

Krygier is the author of the well regarded Making Maps: DIY Cartography blog and teaches at the Department of Geology and Geography at Ohio Wesleyan University.  He is also the creator of one of my favorite cartographic terms, cartocacoethes, which he defined as a mania, uncontrollable urge, compulsion or itch to see maps everywhere.”  

Making Maps, Third Edition: A Visual Guide to Map Design for GIS by John Krygier PhD is available in both printed and eBook formats.  

For a more detailed list of improvements and changes to Making Maps, visiting Krygier’s blog post on the announcement.


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