Neat Designs with GPS

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Lost?  Shine a map on the wall to find where “You are here” is.  Can’t decide where to eat?  Flip and coin and have that coin point the way to your next meal.  These are some of the innovative designs incorporating GPS featured on the Yanko Design blog.  The multitude of GPS related designs have been filtered down into the “Top 10 GPS related and integrated designs on Yanko Designs“.  Making the list is a Portable Pedestrian Navigation Device, a Visionplus sightstick for the blind, and the Peugeot Capsule Concept Car.  The designs are fun in spirit and some obviously far more conceptual than practical.

If the top ten list isn’t enough for you, you can access the whole gamut of GPS related design submittals on Yanko here.

GPS Coin
GPS Coin

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