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Find options for collecting GIS data in the field using mobile and field devices.  The mobile and field product descriptions listed here are provided by the companies that create them.

Android GIS Products


Mappt is a new market entrant into the field of tablet based data collection tools which merges the simplicity of Android systems with the latest in GIS compatible formats, usable on most major desktop systems. Mappt allows the viewing, creation, importing, updating and exporting of location based data for all sizes of organisations. With a simple yet full featured UI, Mappt is designed for collecting data in the field and easily transferring it from the field tablet to office- based GIS packages.

Geofencing with Mappt.
Geofencing with Mappt.

Older Mobile GIS Products

LBS – Location Based Services
Location Based Services is a technology field that focuses on providing GIS and spatial information via mobile and field units.

ESRI’s handheld mapping software runs in the Windows CE environment using ArcView shapefiles.

Variety of products supporting field GIS functions. Uses Oracle 8i Lite as the database engine.

FUGAWI,used in combination with almost any popular handheld GPS receiver and a download cable turns your PC, laptop, Pocket PC or Palm PDA into a navigation and mapping system.

StarPal is the creator of HGIS, a handheld GIS solution that can run on Windows CE, 2000, 98, 95, and NT Notebook, Handheld, and Pocket computers with export options to .mif and .shp files.

MapInfo® MapXtend™, Java™ Technology Edition is a developer tool for creating location-based applications running on wireless Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

Palm OS GIS Software
Links to finding GIS and mapping software for your Palm and Visio PDAs.

Field GIS data capture software which can display and edit map geometry and attributes. PocketGIS runs on Microsoft Windows CE for the Handheld PC, Windows CE Handheld PC Professional Edition, and Windows CE for the Palm-size PC.

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  1. Hi Caitlin,

    There is a number of Mobile GIS software products available at Field CE GIS and Field CE SURVEY will work on PDAs running Windows Mobile 6.

    The newly released iCMTGIS is a free professional GIS data collection application for use on the Apple iPAD. It can be downloaded from iTunes.

    Lydia Lin

  2. Does anyone know where to obtain todarmal software mentioned on this site as a free handheld gis program by jtmaps. clicking on the link goes nowhere.

  3. anyone know any gis software that runs on the symbian phones eg e90 that can take advantage of the inbuilt gps eg like the way terrasync takes advantage of windows mobile devices with gps

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