Military and GIS

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GIS has long had a traditional use in the military. The US Army developed the famous public domain GIS GRASS over a decade ago. This category contains articles and resources about using GIS in the military.

Know Thy Enemy
The key to military success is the knowledge of your opponents, their movements and strategies. P.Satyanarayana and S.Yogendran help explain how GIS brings the military closer to its objective of omniscience.

GeoBase is an initiative to change how geospatial information resources are being acquired, implemented, exploited, and sustained on USAF installations around the world. Our goal is to have this web site serve as the preferred source for building geospatial information resource management solutions across the Department of Defense.

Geography Matters to Defense
ESRI support page for GIS utilization in the military.

Article about the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the use of GIS. Quite a few references to military applications in this article.

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