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MapScaping: New Geospatial Podcast

The latest geospatial podcast to debut is the MapScaping Podcast.  The podcast started about two months ago and features interviews with people working in geospatial.  Hosted by Daniel O’Donohue, one of the co-founders of MapScaping, five episodes have been posted so far.  The most recent episode features a discussion with Anne Harper from about the GIS data supply chain and her views on what skills they look for when hiring.  The debut podcast featured an interview with Ariel Seidman of Hivemapper about the future roles of LiDAR, video, and radar sensors in the geospatial arena.  Other podcast episodes have looked at indoor mapping, bespoke globe makers Bellerby & Co., and crowd sourced data for machine maps.  Each episode page features direct access to the podcast as well as a transcript for those that prefer to read interviews. The podcast is also available via the more popular podcast platforms.




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