MapQuest Tries to Keep Up

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MapQuest, lagging behing both Google and Bing, released 360.

That’s right, you can now view MapQuest Maps in a whole new way. We have developed a simple, easy-to-use interface that fits seamlessly into the MapQuest mapping experience you have come to know and understand. 360 View provides fantastic panoramic views (360° horizontally and 160° vertically) of any given image within the 360 View coverage area–all without the need for a non-standard 3rd party downloadable player application.

The release comes 2 1/2 years after Google released Street View.  Last week, Bing announced they would offer offer street level imagery called Streetside.  According to both Bing and Mapquest have a ways to go to catch up with Google.

Both Bing Maps and MapQuest, however, have a ways to go to match Google’s coverage. Microsoft said it had partial street-level images for 100 U.S. cities, while MapQuest has coverage of some major U.S. metro areas. Google already has coverage of much of the U.S., including rural areas, along with at least fifteen additional countries.

I’m curious to see what new competitive announcement comes next for the three online mapping applications.


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