Mapping the Nation: How the US Government Uses GIS

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In February, Esri will be releasing the fifth book in its Mapping the Nation Series.  A collection of maps, Mapping the Nation: Building a More Resilient Future shows how GIS is being used at the federal level in the US government.

The print version of latest volume contains 118 maps from more than 50 federal government agencies.  The US Forest Service, US Department of Defense, US Department of Education, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management are among the many agencies represented covering topics such as green government, economic recovery and sustainability, and climate protection.  There is also an e-Book that includes interactive maps and videos as well as case studies of four start-up companies that are using ArcGIS technology in partnership with Esri and the government.

Mapping the Nation: Building a More Resilient Future is available in print in February (ISBN: 9781589483910, 108 pages, US$19.99).

Mapping and Apping the Nation 2015, an interactive digital adaptation of the printed map book, is available free of charge from the Esri Bookstore app on Apple iTunes and the Google Play store.


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