Making Mapping an Accessory to a Crime

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Using any type of online mapping to help to commit a crime will result in a longer prison sentence.  The Louisiana Senate approved Senate Bill 151 with a vote of 89-0.  As stated in the bill, the purpose is:

… to prohibit the use of  an Internet, virtual, street-level map in the commission of a crime; to prohibit the use of an Internet, virtual, street-level map in the commission or attempted commission of an act of terrorism; to provide for enhanced penalties; to provide for definitions; and to provide for related matters.

The bill further goes on to define “an Internet, virtual, street-level map”as:

“Internet, virtual, street-level map” means any map or image that contains the picture or pictures of homes, buildings, or people that are taken and dispensed, electronically, over the Internet or by a computer network, where the picture can be accessed by entering the address of the home, building, or person.

Those caught using such defined maps to burglarize will have an additional year added on to their sentence.  Those caught using it for terrorism would be handed an additional ten years. (via Techdirt)

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