Mapping Contests


There are two mapping contests of note.

The first is ESRI’s 2010 Mashup Challenge: “Create an innovative mashup using ArcGIS Online and Web Mapping APIs“. Four cash prizes are available with a top prize of $10,000.  Second place wins you $5,000 and third and fourth place are $2,500 each.  The deadline is March 5, 2010.  Read ESRI’s announcement here.

The steps to competing and submitting your mashup are:

  1. Build a mashup using ArcGIS Online and ESRI Web Mapping APIs
  2. Shoot a video of your application and post it on YouTube
  3. Submit your mashupDeadline: March 5, 2010

Second, Microsoft is offering you a chance to win a $100 gift card for trying out Bing Maps.  The Bing Maps Challenge invites you to explore New York via Bing Maps in order to answer four questions.  Answer all four correctly to be entered to win the $100 Mastercard gift card.



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