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Map of Geospatial Companies Around the World

Christoph Rieke has assembled a growing list of commercial geospatial companies with offices located all around the world.  Each listing has been categorized (e.g. GIS / spatial analysis, Earth Observation, Digital Farming/Agtech, Webmaps/Visualization, EO Satellites, UAV/Aerial, Geodata Infrastructure).  A Google Sheet also contains information about the focus of the company and a determination of the office locations size (small, medium, or large).


While the list is certainly not complete, it represents a substantial effort by Rieke to track and map out where geospatial companies are operating.  Of the 465 locations on the list, almost 30% (137 locations) are located within the United States.

Out of the 465 geospatial companies on Rieke’s list, the US has 137 locations, followed by Germany with 56.

Looking at the list of companies by category, earth observation tops the list with 181 locations.  GIS / spatial analysis locations rank second with 140 locations.

Rieke has also create an interactive map so users can browse the data.  To access, click on the image below.

Visit: List of Geospatial Companies: EO, GIS, UAV, Agtech and more



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