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Online Map of Geospatial and GIS Programs

Funded partially by a National Science Foundation grant, the Geospatial Education Program Finder is a interactive map based listing of two year and four college higher education programs that offer some sort of GIS based or geospatial education.  Hosted at San Diego State University, the online inventory of geospatial programs within the United States, is a product of the GeoTechCenter.  The GeoTechCenter is a collaboration effort of academic and GIS industry source to “expand the geospatial workforce”.


The Geospatial Education Program Finder allows users to view geographically all geospatial educational offerings across the United States from most  two and four years colleges.  Users can see visually if a higher education institute offers a geospatial class, a certificate program, or a degree program. Click on a location to access pop-up information: name of the insitution, program offerings, and a link to the geospatial program page (if available).

The map application was developed using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and uses a basemap from ArcGIS Online Web Map Services.

Geospatial Education Program Finder Map


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